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Shining a Light on LAMP By Peter Yared

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Shining a Light on LAMP
By Peter Yared on
“In the past, LAMP, whether as a whole or as mix-and-match components, was primarily used by large, massively scalable Web sites such as Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and Friendster. Now, LAMP is seeing increasing adoption from enterprise customers, particularly for Wiki and content management solutions. Furthermore, large transactional LAMP applications are already deployed at major companies including Lufthansa, Sabre (Travelocity), Boeing, and Disney.”
“LAMP is composed of several separate open source projects, each with its own owners, packages, and distributors. Each of the core components of LAMP has a major commercial or nonprofit foundation behind it:

* Linux: Red Hat, Novell
* Apache: Covalent
* PHP/Python/Perl: Zend, Python Software Foundation, the Perl Foundation”
LAMP Architecture


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March 30, 2009 at 10:20 AM

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