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Application Development: Skype, NYSE Error Top List of 13 Big Programming Failures of 2010

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Application Development: Skype, NYSE Error Top List of 13 Big Programming Failures of 2010
By Darryl K. Taft on 2011-01-03

Thank you very to Darryl K. Taft for very interesting information about bugs. The excerpt from his information is below, but I recommend to watch his slideshow on the original website. I did this excerpt for my research purposes only, don’t watch his slideshow for several times.

“… New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) systems, a Skype crash, problems with Chase online banking, faulty automobile systems at Toyota and privacy breaches… The Skype outage, which affected a large number of Skype’s 560 million users, resulted from a bug in the Windows version of the software.
Software application defects are inevitable, but developers have a better chance of catching them if they use enhanced debugging and code analysis platforms and employ Agile methods.”

and some others:
# McAfee’s Glitch: a software update to protect computers against a list of malicious files causing affected computers to shut down and start on a continuous reboot cycle.
# Russian Satellite: In December after the successful launch of the final three GLONASS navigation satellites a programming error caused the carrier rocket to veer off course and lose the Proton-M booster rocket carrying the satellites in the Pacific Ocean north of Hawaii.
# NYSE Timing Error: A timing error on a software update at NYSE Euronext’s electronic Arca exchange prompted an exchange-traded fund tracking the Standard & Poor’s 500 index to drop nearly 10 percent.
# Android Kernel Bug: In November, an analysis of the kernel used in Google’s Android smartphone software turned up 88 high-risk security flaws that could be used to expose users’ personal information.
# Facebook Privacy CSRF: It was discovered, that Facebook has a cross-site request forgery flaw that could have allowed hackers to alter profile information and change privacy settings for individual pages.
# Chase Online Banking: Software from a third-party database company corrupted information in Chase systems and prevented users from logging on. The service was down for two days and had an impact on millions of customers.
# Toyota Electronic Data Recorder: A software bug in electronic data recorders for Toyota (the black box that records the speed of the automobile) was found to have created incorrect readouts. \
# AT&T: exposed a flaw in the software for Alcatel-Lucent’s 3G network equipment, causing users of iPhone4G to experience abnormally slow upload speeds.
# Google Street View: Early in 2010, Google admitted that for the last three years it had been inadvertently collecting private data from WiFi networks as part of its Street View data collection activities.
# German Credit Cards Get Hit with the 2010 Bug: At the beginning of the year, 30 million German credit and debit cards were affected by a software bug that prevented the microchips in the cards from recognizing the year change.
# Windows vs. Linux Supercomputing Flaw: Windows and Linux went head-to-head in a contest for supercomputing speed, but a software bug in the package designed to run the Microsoft test seems to have kept Windows from beating (or at least matching) Linux.
# Medical-Device Recalls: In mid-2010, there were a number of emergency-response systems in the Midwest that malfunctioned around the times of tornadoes and other natural disasters that were software-related. We also saw a number of medical-device-related recalls, like the CareFusion electronic drug-infusion pumps and software issues related to recalled Baxter dialysis machines.


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