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The 10 hardest jobs for Canadian employers to fill in 2014

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The ten hardest jobs for employers to fill? (and their average Canadian wages)*

1. Skilled Trade Workers | $52,000 [View jobs]
2. Management/Executives | $91,000 [View jobs]
3. Sales Representatives | $47,000 [View jobs]
4. Engineers | $76,000 [View jobs]
5. Technicians | $49,000 [View jobs]
6. Drivers | $42,000 [View jobs]
7. Accounting & Finance Staff | $59,000 [View jobs]
8. Customer Service & Support | $34,000 [View jobs]
9. IT Staff | $73,000 [View jobs]
10. Administrative Assistants | $42,000 [View jobs]


and The university degrees with 100% employment after graduation from


Ten jobs available now that pay double the Canadian national average


… according to Statistics Canada, the average Canadian salary right now is roughly $48,000 right now


  1. Marketing managers – $124,800:  Marketing managers play a variety of roles are responsible for a company’s public messaging and communications, from brand audits to advertising, from social media to public relations. At the high end of the pay range, they can earn upwards of $120,000.
  2. Web Developer – $90,000: While the median pay for web designers and developers is closer to $55,000, the salaries for these roles can reach upwards of $90,000. These jobs also pay the highest in Alberta right now.
  3. Construction Manager – $125,000: Construction managers manage the shifts and schedules of the crew, take responsibility for ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget, and manage the day-to-way project site for efficiency and safety.
  4. Financial Analyst – $104,436: Financial analysts often work for investment companies, banks, insurance companies, and other businesses, helping their employer and/or their clients to make sound investment decisions.
  5. Software Developer – $97,000: Software developers create computer programs. Some develop the tools and applications that allow you to do specific tasks on a computer or other device. Others develop the underlying systems that operate the devices or control computer networks.
  6. Data Security Analysts – $124,500: Companies are more and more concerned with online security threats. This makes the people who can analyse, predict and mitigate those risks in high-demand. They can pull in between $83,250 and $124,500, on average.
  7. Creative Director –$102,142: The Creative Director plays a vital role in the Advertising and Media industries. Their responsibilities include leading projects from the strategic concept phase through to actualization, promotion and communication. This job often pays a six figure salary.
  8. Corporate trainer – Some jurisdictions in Canada have graduated more teachers than they have available teaching positions. Another career option for educators is as a corporate trainer. The median pay for this role is $55,550 and it can get up to $100,000.
  9. Information Technology Consultant – $107,993 The IT crowd continue to make decent wages with a median salary of $73,590 and earning over $100,000 at the higher end. Salaries are the highest in Alberta.
  10. ??

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