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Job Search Tips for 2014 College Grads, April 11

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Job Search Tips for 2014 College Grads, April 11

For recent college graduates looking for a job in the IT sector, expressing early interest in a profession, company and a role can give you an edge over the competition. Even with a bright employment outlook for 2014 graduates, the job market gets flooded at graduation time and with every passing semester, even more competition enters the market. As a result, college graduates should begin their search as early as possible to gain an advantage. And it’s not just candidates who are beginning their job searches before diplomas are even handed out — many organizations begin the recruiting, screening and hiring process almost a full year in advance when looking to fill entry-level roles.

Even if you haven’t begun your job search, there are a number of ways you can prepare for entry into the job market. An internship opportunity is always a great way to gain on-the-job experience and work with potential future employers, and an internship may well turn into an offer for full-time employment. Internships are exploding across the IT industry and more and more companies are using these types of programs with college students. New college graduates without much relevant work experience aren’t necessarily at a great disadvantage when looking for jobs if they know how to highlight their strengths and their knowledge. They are often far more aware of and skilled with cutting edge technologies and best practices than even more seasoned, experienced jobseekers.

Even if you haven’t participated in an internship program, making sure your social media presence is up-to-date, polished and professional is also crucial during a job search. LinkedIn is a huge advantage, especially for college graduates or potential graduates. If you’re establishing a presence there, it shows a level of professionalism and tech savvy that’s enticing for employers. Potential graduates should get involved with available career resources and continually make contact with on-campus recruiting efforts and events, because networking is such an important part of landing a job. Don’t underestimate the importance of being connected to career resources on campus, and get involved in the events and offerings from companies at your school.

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May 6, 2014 at 11:31 AM

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