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Why Few Want to Be the CIO Anymore Computerworld, December 16

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Why Few Want to Be the CIO Anymore
Computerworld, December 16

In a Computerworld survey of 489 IT professionals conducted in August and September, only 32% said that they aspire to become CIO in the future. Politics, relatively low pay and a lack of prestige all register as deterrents. Yet there’s another reason for this shift in career thinking. Technology professionals are being recruited to work in marketing, logistics and other functions outside of IT as technology becomes more deeply embedded in virtually every aspect of the business. That trend is expanding the IT career path horizontally and creating multiple career bridges across organizations.

Many IT professionals today are spurning the CIO role because of the comparatively low status that the title carries at most companies. If people are going to work hard toward getting a C-level title, they want it to mean something. What a lot of people see is that CIOs don’t wield either the power or authority commensurate to a C-level title. Another big disincentive is that the office politics of the CIO role are perceived as endless and there’s not a lot of room for CIOs to push back against requests – companies simply want their systems to work.

The politics and power struggles don’t go unnoticed by the rank and file: IT staffers say they can’t help but notice how much time the CIO role requires. Many IT professionals, especially younger people, are unwilling to trade off having balanced work and home lives for the pursuit of the top spot. At the same time, an IT career path is no longer a straight career path. CIOs from healthcare, financial services and manufacturing tell a similar story. Fast-changing business processes, the need for speed, consumers’ appetites for customization, and ever-mounting government and industry regulation are all working to complicate day-to-day business. What they need internally are people in IT with business knowledge and deep industry expertise.
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