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Computing Innovations Abundant in CNN’s 10 Ideas List The CCC Blog, December 19

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Computing Innovations Abundant in CNN’s 10 Ideas List
The CCC Blog, December 19

CNN’s list of 10 emerging ideas that have the potential to change our world included many that were based on computer science and the latest computing research. As CNN explains, these concepts have the potential to make us healthier, to keep us safer on the highways, and to help our computers think for themselves. That should be good news to educators who are looking for new ways to sell students on a career in computer science.

One technology mentioned by CNN was the emergence of flexible display screens as a viable option for personal electronics. And once the technology is perfected, the range of possibilities gets a whole lot broader. Another technology involves autonomous, self-driving cars. Automakers are already equipping cars with sensors that know when you’re about to collide into the car in front of you and can brake accordingly. Partially automated cars could be hitting the market by the end of the decade.

Computer science is also having an impact on the future of health and science. Wearable sensors might have been considered strange a few years ago, but now we’re used to devices like FitBits and sensor-filled smartphones monitoring our movements, tallying calories, observing sleep patterns and even tracking heart rate, blood-sugar levels and other vitals. The next step will be tiny sensors under our skin, coursing through our bloodstreams and implanted in our brains to collect valuable information about our health. Finally, CNN mentioned computers that actually know how to think and apply common sense the way humans do. A team at Carnegie Mellon University is training a computer program to think for itself, starting with pictures.
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