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I’m starting new blog about “horror stories” in SW Engineering and industry. I think it’s good to know what we could have from some “businessman”.

  1. This box cost Enumclaw fire district $309,794
    It’s a very good story, when somebody plans to do something fast and cheap, as in this story to get a cheap and old movable home for $85,000 and move it to a very close location, but real price for the relocation can be in two times more expensive than the home. But they did mistake – they bought the home from the wife of an elected official who oversees the district …  The new one would cost $225,000.
  2. I like this paper: Why Projects Fail (Facts and Figures):
    Source : IBM
    Type of survey : Survey of 1,500 change management executives
    Date : Oct 2008

    IBM survey in the success / failure rates of “change” projects finds;

    Only 40% of projects met schedule, budget and quality goals
    Best organizations are 10 times more successful than worst organizations
    Biggest barriers to success listed as people factors: Changing mindsets and attitudes – 58%. Corporate culture – 49%.  Lack of senior management support – 32%.
    Underestimation of complexity listed as a factor in 35% of projects


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