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IEEE Standards – any guide for the perplexed?

I’m working on a survey of standards for software development and assurance. The last printed collection I have (1994) lists 27. I went to the IEEE standards web site, and a search on “software” returns about 450 items – some are clearly not relvant, but I’m not sure about some.

Also, it looks like some ISO standards are now merged (?) or titled as IEEE standards, and/or vice versa.

Is there a taxonomy, road map, ontology, or some thing like that explains and relates topics, both within the IEEE standards? With respect to those of other standards bodies?

Search: Standards

IEEE SA – 1490-2011 – IEEE Guide–Adoption of the Project Management Institute (PMI(R)) … … edition) Working Group Oversight Committee: C/S2ESC – Software & Systems Engineering Standards Committee Sponsor: IEEE Computer ……



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September 13, 2012 at 8:30 PM

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