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Interesting paper about crowdsourcing:

Making crowdsourcing easier

A new system for crowdsourcing database operations spares the user from worrying about the computational details but improves cost effectiveness. Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
“Crowdsourcing is a technique for farming out labor-intensive tasks over the Internet by splitting them into small chunks that dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people complete at their desks for a few cents each.”
And this paper is very interesting as well:

Making Web applications more efficient

A new system that automatically streamlines database access patterns can make large Web applications up to three times as fast.

Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office

“Most major websites these days maintain huge databases: Shopping sites have databases of inventory and customer ratings, travel sites have databases of seat availability on flights, and social-networking sites have databases of photos and comments. Almost any transaction on any of these sites requires multiple database queries, which can slow response time.”

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September 8, 2012 at 3:02 PM

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