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Gartner Worldwide IT Spending Forecast 2012 from Gartner (37 percent of projects fail!!!)

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What I see from the published graphs, we will have from 3,000 billions to 3,750 billions in 2012+ years. 4% increasing per year. Impressive!

See another information: Worldwide IT spending to edge past $3.6 trillion this year from CNET News Business Tech:$3.6-trillion-this-year/\

CIO analysis: Why 37 percent of projects fail

from By Michael Krigsman for IT Project Failures | March 15, 2011 — Updated 08:02 GMT (01:02 PDT):

“The 37 percent failure rate is notable because it falls within the broad range of statistics (thirty to seventy percent) that most studies report, even though it is somewhat surprising the number is so low. This report did not focus on failure rates, but instead emphasized project recovery, which could have affected these specific results. ”

“According to the survey, the most common obstacles that interfere with recovering failed projects are:  Getting stakeholders to accept the changes needed to bring the projects back on track-whether they are changes in scope, budget, resources, etc.

  • Poor communication and stakeholder engagement; lack of clarity and trust.
  • Conflicting priorities and politics.
  • Finding enough qualified resources needed to complete the projects.
  • Lack of a process or methodology to help bring the project back on track.”

That means we still need ” enough qualified resources needed to complete the projects” very much!!! We need good programmers, but not bad programmers! 70% from $3 trillion is very impressive!


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July 10, 2012 at 11:35 PM

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