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Good paper about rsync through ssh

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An Updated Rsync 3.1.0 for Mavericks


George January 4, 2014 Update 1/6/14

Well that sucks, it looks like rsync 3.1.0 is broken for OSX. You can use the same instructions here for 3.0.9, just change the commands below accordingly.

Because of the new GPLv3 licensing of rsync 3.0+, Mavericks still has the same old rsync 2.6.9 as prior iterations of OSX, which to say the least is extremely outdated and does not copy everything about an OSX file. Mike Bombich over at Bombich Software, author of the great Carbon Copy Cloner, wrote many of the rsync patches and had a page describing the compilation details for rsync 3.0.7. These are the instructions adapted for rsync 3.1.0.

I have an alias, nrsync (new rsync) which has a few more niceties. It’s defined as:

This forces rsync to use ssh with the arcfour cipher which is a fast, if not the fastest, encryption scheme for SSH. Because I use rsync with my 4 Macs (Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, iMac, Macbook), I also force it to use the one in /usr/local/bin on the remote side.


  1. another good paper about rsync backup

    rsync -r -t -v --progress -c -l -z /home/axel/ /mnt/data2/Backup/home/ -n

    -r copies also all subdirectories within main directory
    -t preserves modification times
    -v verbose mode, shows more information
    –progress shows progress during transfer
    –delete deletes files in destination which are not present in the source
    -c compares files contents by checksum
    -l copies symbolic links
    -z compresses files for faster transfer


something to memorize:

rsync –progress -avhe ssh –delete /home/user/dir/

ssh-keygen -t dsa, and press Enter when prompted for a passphrase.

ssh-copy-id -i .ssh/ to copy the public key to the remote host.

it’s necessary to add some restrictions as well. will write later about it.


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