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Security and again Security, now for emails and web-browsers

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As I already mentioned in the past, all these posts are for myself only. But if my posts could help with something to somebody else, I’ll be happy as well.

In this post I’m starting to collect information how to improve security for everything on personal computers, smart phones and in other digital devices. My laptop was stolen in December 2011 from someone, who should not leave it in a store cell. Nobody is protected from such stupid situations. I had encrypted hdd, but not emails and as you probably know, a microsoft windows can be opened easily. I still keep my emails on my smartphones, but again emails are not encrypted on any smartphone. We should do something to increase our privacy protection. I’ll add to this post new links and new my thoughts in time.

1. Emails:

  • Six Tips for Protecting Your Email Privacy:  “Sending an email message is certainly more private than posting on a social networking site, but email has its own dangers. Here are six tips to help you communicate without risking your privacy” By Neil J. Rubenking.
    Good paper, but nothing really new. Good to read for the general understanding of the email problems. But has couple good links for encryption product like PrivateSky or Enlocked.
  • U.K. Police Capturing Suspects’ Cell Phone Data” – good to know. Don’t keep very personal emails in your smartphones, or encrypt each message if you want to keep them in your email archive.
  • will be added later

2. Browsers (see some in emails), but later will be added specifically for browsers as well, when I have a time or see something new.


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May 21, 2012 at 4:15 PM

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